What We Fund & Application & Forms

Classroom Grant Program

The Danville Public School Foundation’s purpose is to help provide enhanced educational opportunities for the children attending Danville Public Schools.  We do this in part through the Classroom Grant Program, a program designed to provide funding to support school or individual classroom initiatives that would otherwise go unfunded.

This program is open to all Danville District #118 teachers, administrators and instructional staff. Grant requests must meet the established guidelines which can be found on this website.

Grant applications must be reviewed and forwarded by the school principal, who then sends it to the superintendent’s office for review.  The superintendent reviews the request and insures that district funds are not available then forwards the application to the Foundation.

The Foundation’s Grant and Allocation’s Committee reviews the grant applications prior to each regular board meeting and makes recommendations to the entire Danville Public School Foundation Board as to which grant should be awarded. The Foundation Board meets six times a year, on the second  Wednesday of  July, September, November, January, March, and May.  Grant applications should be received by the Foundation office at least three weeks prior to a Foundation Board meeting to ensure the Grants and Allocation Committee has sufficient time to review the grant.

The following documents are available on this page:  Grant Implementation/Purchasing Guidelines, Grant Application and the Grant Progress Report.

If you should need any assistance with your grant application, please contact Bob Richard at our office at the Jackson Building, 516 North Jackson,  either by phone at 217-444-1044 or at richardb@danville118.org.

Foundation Initiative Projects

Foundation Initiative Projects are larger in scope and exceeds the Foundation’s funding level for a Classroom Grant Project.  An  Initiative Project may involve a partnership with District  #118 or may be a project that was first submitted as a Classroom Grant Request, but due to the nature of the request,  a different avenue of funding is needed.

Past Initiative Projects have included the purchase of document cameras and student response systems, a science equipment upgrade for Danville High School, climbing walls for the elementary schools and the greenhouse at Northeast  Elementary School.

The Foundation actively seeks projects such as these.  If you have an idea, but lack the funding, please contact Bob Richard at 217-444-1044 or by email at richardb@danville118.org.

School-wide Assemblies

The Foundation has offered school-wide assemblies for all of our 12 schools, providing professional speakers from across the country to address current topics.  In the recent past, these programs have focused on positive life choices, overcoming obstacles, anti-bullying themes, and health and wellness programs.

When we schedule assemblies, we try to reach as many schools as possible.  Because programs are often age appropriate, we might sponsor assemblies for elementary schools one year and middle schools and high school another.

If there is an assembly you would like to see brought to your school, please contact Bob Richard at the Foundation Office at 217-444-1044 or at richardb@danville.k12.il.us.